CryᎮto.com Wallet Sign UᎮ

    Now, let us help you understand the steps involved in registering for a Crypto.com login account, which then can help you get into the crypto.com wallet service:

    1. Get into the official website and choose the “Sign In” tab link.

    2. Maintain a pace with the prompts and submit the required details.

    3. Ensure submitting an age-proof> “Continue”> and wait for the OTP.

    4. Get the OTP from your mailbox and provide it on the website.

    5. Set up a security password> “Submit”> type in a phone number.

    6. Get the number verified following the prompts and submit the data.


    Procedure to undergo on crypto.com online login page

    It is important to know and follow the steps to sign in to your Crypto.com login account below or download the application to complete the crypto.com app login:

    1. Get into the official sign-in page at https://crypto.com/nft/login.

    2. Spot the “Log In” tab> put in your credentials> go on with “Sign In”.

    Note: You can go on to opt for a simple crypto.com app sign in with phone number if that’s what you want.


    List of the frequent crypto.com login issues and problems

    Like every other online service, Crypto.com sign-in account comes across issues too. Major issues in the login procedure are inclusive of the “can't login to crypto.com” issue, “forgot account password” issue, and “account recovery” issue. You can undergo the below measures to overcome these login to crypto.com on desktop issues:

    • Wait for the service to come up with a resolution measure.

    • Check for hindrances in the server and the internet connection.

    • Check to see if you’re using the updated version of the app.

    • Ensure the cache files are cleared and the device is up-to-date.


    • Head to https://crypto.com/ to know about the service

    • Get into the https://crypto.com/defi-wallet link to be familiar with the wallet.

    • Place a hit on https://help.crypto.com/en/articles/3511430-resetting-your-password-on-the-crypto-com-exchange,https://help.crypto.com/en/ to get resolving steps for resetting your password.

    What are the crypto.com exchange supported countries

    Here, in this part of the read, we’ve put in the list of all the countries that have been marked to support the use of your Crypto.com login accounts:

    • United States

    • Spain

    • France

    • Netherlands

    • United Kingdom

    • Portugal

    • Germany

    • Switzerland

    • Finland

    • Italy

    Note: Keep in mind that there are still many parts of the world that haven’t extended their support towards the Crypto.com services.



    The informative read above has been carefully ideated and given out to introduce you to one of the most exclusive crypto online services of all time- the Crypto.com exchange. It majorly caters to the crypto requirements however, the entire service platform also aims to deliver other financial services.

    Moving on in the read, you learned about the characteristics and benefits that make acquiring a Crypto.com login account look like a great decision. Adding to the information cluster, you learned about signing up on the platform, signing into the account post creation, easy troubleshooting measures for frequent login issues, and the compatible countries for the service.